Hamid Mir talks to Kashmiri journalist

A very good episode of Capital Talk was aired on Geo News recently, in which Senior Hamid Mir spoke to a senior journalist in Kashmir – Shujaat Bukhari – discussing the situation in Kashmir. http://bit.ly/2czTOet
We all know things are very bad in Indian Occupied Kashmir as Indian soldiers are using the worst kind of things like pellet guns on the Kashmiris.
The pellet guns are being used on the innocent people of Held Kashmir which are blinding a large number of people including children. Now there are reports that the Indian army is going to use weapons with chilies to make maximum impact. This is the height of cruelty but it seems no one cares.
Salute to Hamid Mir for doing a show on the issue of Held Kashmir at this time and showing the world what the poor people of the Held Valley are going through. It is requested that more shows be done to highlight the problems of Held Kashmir, maybe the world will also wake up to their plight.

Media has matured over the years

Media has matured over the years. This was revealed recently after political workers first attacked ARY office on the behest of the MQM leader and then tried to move towards Geo and Samaa offices. Despite this, Geo, Samaa and ARY have given MQM leaders a chance to come on their channels and give their point of view.
Such a gesture reveals that the media is an important and reliable section of our society and does not go on an unnecessary rampage against others. In fact according to the right of freedom of expression, the media allows even its opponents to give their side of the story.

With so many gadgets providing real time news

With so many gadgets providing real time news, newspapers are finding it difficult to meet costs and therefore newspapers are being closed down all over the world. However, Pakistan is a newspaper reading country, therefore newspapers have to make sure that it is still affordable to them. For this it has to take many kinds of measures to earn money so that the cost/expenditure does not fall on the reader.

Peace initiatives by Dawn & Jang a welcome step

Dawn in collaboration with Hindustan Times did a great project on the Partition of India – ‘Partition’ – in which the two media houses brought memories of people who witnessed the events that brought two countries into being – Pakistan. A photo gallery was also given of pictures of the time showing the good and the not so good images of what happened.
One such picture that really affected me were the pictures of the bodies that were a result of communal rioting before August 14, 1947. http://www.dawn.com/in-depth/partition/
I really like such projects in which the two countries known as ‘traditional rivals’ work together.
These two countries need to do more projects like this kind to give the real picture of what happened and also try to try and bring the people closer and bring peace in the region. Jang Group in collaboration with The Times of India has been trying to do this for many years through its peace initiative Aman ki Asha.  http://amankiasha.com/
Unfortunately for Jang Group has been criticised for this peace initiative. I don’t understand why are our people always ready to attack steps taken towards peace and harmony, when we have no option but live our neighbours it’s better that we live with peace.
Kudos to both Dawn and Jang – being the mature members of Pakistani media – for taking steps to let us understand our neighbours in India.

Ghazi Salahuddin, Ismail Khan receive civil awards.

This Independence Day President of Pakistan announces civil awards for Ghazi Salahuddin and Ismail Khan for their outstanding services to the profession of journalism in the country.
Ghazi Salahuddin is a noted journalist and literary figure who rose to TV fame with PTV’s classic quiz show ‘Kasoti’ alongwith Qureshpur and Ubaidullah Baig. Author of several books and critic, Ghazi Salahuddin has been associated with Jang Group since long.Ghazi Sahab was also first editor of The news when it was launched.
Dawn’s Resident Editor, Ismail Khan began his career with The News where he worked from 1991 to 2001 in Peshawar Bureau as deputy to veteran journalist Rahimullah Yousufzai. “He was my teacher and mentor, I owe this award to him,” he said after being nominated for the award.
The News said Khan also works for The New York Times and was a member of their reporting team that won the Pulitzer for best coverage of Pakistan and Afghanistan in 2009. Khan is also an analyst with Voice of America.

With August 14 only days away

With August 14 only days away, it is fun to see how our people are participating in this patriotic event. The media is also giving people a chance to show their love for their country by offering them a platform to share their preparations for Independence Day.
Every channel – from Geo to Samaa to Dunya to Dawn – everyone is giving people to show their love by sending in photographs via Whatsaap which are then displayed on the channels. We see people of all ages participating in this campaign on every channel.
Critics of media will see that the media not only spreads stress and death. But the media has proved that it can spread happiness and smiles and it is doing a great job of this.56bb52edd96f67.91101256_bahriatown_logo21

The News publishes SC verdict against Bahria Town

56bb52edd96f67.91101256_bahriatown_logo21A lot of hue and cry was raised on social media yesterday calling for publishing the Supreme Court verdict on Bahria Town project. Many users commented that media is under pressure from the property tycoon.
Let’s dissect the SC order https://www.thenews.com.pk/print/139982
The apex court order actually has not ordered a stop to the Bahria Town project. This is an interim injunction staying land development of less than 20% of project area (which hasn’t been consolidated lawfully by the MDA) pending further inquiry. The rest of the project is intact (9000+ acres), which is where all the sales have been.
So, there was no need to jump the a conclusion without knowing the full spectrum and making a conclusion.
In today’s fast paced information flow no one can actually block the news from reaching its audience, and media houses understand that very well so they would not like to stay behind when they are unable to do so.
The court is still investigating the matter and we all should wait to see what the court decides and must not jump the gun.

Stand up against cable mafia.

Some sections are trying to take away the freedom that the Pakistani media has struggled to achieve over decades. Channels are gagged; taken off air; or constantly moved around on the cable. Why are we letting cable operators decide what we should watch? Why are they controlling the airwaves?
Pakistan has struggled against oppression and dictators since its inception, then why are we being forced to watch what the cable mafia is dictating? Stand up against the cable mafia’s dictatorship.

What if you knew the victim?.

It is such a shame that champions of human rights are not at all concerned about the atrocities against the people of Indian Held Kashmir. Thousands of people have died in the last six decades of turmoil, but no one seems to be bothered of what the Kashmiris suffer at the hands of the Indian Army.
It seems the Indian Army develops new ways to hurt the Kashmiris; it is as if it has decided to hurt those it can’t kill. Many people including women and children have been targeted by pellet guns that may not kill but they do harm intensively.
Although most of the world doesn’t react, at least one welfare society that goes by the name Never Forget Pakistan seems to have had enough of this cruelty and began a campaign on Social Media called “What if you knew the victim?”. The campaign showed wounded faces of known Indian celebrities including Amitabh Bachchan and Shahrukh Khan, some bound in bandages, to highlight what the Kashmiris are going through. http://bit.ly/2adzgZ7
By giving a face to the very real horrors endured by Kashmiris on a daily basis a face, this campaign has actually made a big impact. We need more campaigns and action to highlight the real issues in Kashmir so that the 60-plus conflict can be resolved and the people living in the region can also exist peacefully.

Improved media handling of news

Handling of news of a teenage girl burned alive on the orders of a local jirga in Abbottabad http://bit.ly/1SOzOVi is another gruesome crime that has surfaced in the media. Fortunately, the media handled this news with the utmost care and sensitivity. Although the name of the girl kept being taken, images of her face and her body were blurred when aired on different channels.

Media seems to have matured over the years and is learning how to deal with sensitive news. The media’s role is to educated and report and that is what the media is doing. Since the time private channels came on the media scene in Pakistan with the launch of Geo New we have seen the media evolve but not after a lot of trial and error.

However media personnel still need a lot of training so they produce better content and there still is a lot to desire in this regard. But at least the media is on the right track.