Stand up against cable mafia.

Some sections are trying to take away the freedom that the Pakistani media has struggled to achieve over decades. Channels are gagged; taken off air; or constantly moved around on the cable. Why are we letting cable operators decide what we should watch? Why are they controlling the airwaves?
Pakistan has struggled against oppression and dictators since its inception, then why are we being forced to watch what the cable mafia is dictating? Stand up against the cable mafia’s dictatorship.


What if you knew the victim?.

It is such a shame that champions of human rights are not at all concerned about the atrocities against the people of Indian Held Kashmir. Thousands of people have died in the last six decades of turmoil, but no one seems to be bothered of what the Kashmiris suffer at the hands of the Indian Army.
It seems the Indian Army develops new ways to hurt the Kashmiris; it is as if it has decided to hurt those it can’t kill. Many people including women and children have been targeted by pellet guns that may not kill but they do harm intensively.
Although most of the world doesn’t react, at least one welfare society that goes by the name Never Forget Pakistan seems to have had enough of this cruelty and began a campaign on Social Media called “What if you knew the victim?”. The campaign showed wounded faces of known Indian celebrities including Amitabh Bachchan and Shahrukh Khan, some bound in bandages, to highlight what the Kashmiris are going through.
By giving a face to the very real horrors endured by Kashmiris on a daily basis a face, this campaign has actually made a big impact. We need more campaigns and action to highlight the real issues in Kashmir so that the 60-plus conflict can be resolved and the people living in the region can also exist peacefully.