The News publishes SC verdict against Bahria Town

56bb52edd96f67.91101256_bahriatown_logo21A lot of hue and cry was raised on social media yesterday calling for publishing the Supreme Court verdict on Bahria Town project. Many users commented that media is under pressure from the property tycoon.
Let’s dissect the SC order
The apex court order actually has not ordered a stop to the Bahria Town project. This is an interim injunction staying land development of less than 20% of project area (which hasn’t been consolidated lawfully by the MDA) pending further inquiry. The rest of the project is intact (9000+ acres), which is where all the sales have been.
So, there was no need to jump the a conclusion without knowing the full spectrum and making a conclusion.
In today’s fast paced information flow no one can actually block the news from reaching its audience, and media houses understand that very well so they would not like to stay behind when they are unable to do so.
The court is still investigating the matter and we all should wait to see what the court decides and must not jump the gun.


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